free stuff

free stuff

this page is a work in progress. a collection of free assets, games, and other media will be compiled here.

win10 activator

batch script to "register" windows using key management system spoofing
direct download


a safe youtube downloader written by an anarchist tgirl

y2k fonts

collection of fonts originating from around 2000, cool and kitschy. zip archive by me, combining favorites from a list compiled by humanofmicomage on tumblr - and typodermic's public domain collection.
download on google drive

web assets

coco's pixel safari: large collection of dividers, favicons, blinkies/buttons, and more

ichigo directory: library of cute asset sites, many of which are old and archived

kitschymew's stamps and button collection: lots of silly stamps and buttons, with lots of mew (from pokemon) blinkie generator with good variety in backgrounds and fonts

99gif shop: gif collection

cool text generator: badass awesome text

welcome to gifcity: collection of all sorts of web graphics, many of which are animated. sorted by type and color

gifcities: the internet archive's geocities gif archive. an estimated 4.5 million file archive with search support

web badges world: collection of ~4k 80x15 web badges

web neko: kitties that follow your cursor when you click them, like the one on my home page

88x31 gif collection: collection of 4k+ 88x31 web buttons from all eras, 90s to now

pixels: collection of cute low res icons/favicons